You've got a story to tell. We're here to help you tell it.

Our editors, writers, and coaches are here to help you write your book, prepare your proposal, refine your query letter, develop your podcast, or whatever else your story needs to take shape.

We assembled Collaborist with a few goals in mind.

Primarily, we’re available to work as editors, ghost writers, and consultants, but as we grow, we’ll be able to assist in musical and visual arts as well. In addition to the services we provide for hire, we also offer a variety of free resources like writers’ groups lead by published authors and publishing industry veterans and pop-up writers’ conferences in communities that wouldn’t normally have access.

We also believe in supporting organizations who are making a difference in the world. Donations to select non-profits and charities will result in a dollar for dollar reduction in our fees.

Join a Free Writers' Group!

Looking for a writers’ group to workshop your novel? Do you thrive in a community environment? We offer free writers’ groups with limited enrollment, each group headed by published authors, publishing professionals, or college writing instructors.

We provide these groups for free because we believe in the importance of community, the power of story, and the recognition that not everybody has a writers’ group in their town, or prefer to meet online. Our instructors are happy to share their time and guidance to their writers’ groups.

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