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Inabsolute Mix

Instructor: Ben LeRoy

Join Collaborist Ben LeRoy for a first of its kind writers’ group that aspires to radically diverge from existing models. Using a variety of scientifically untested theories, experimental emotion manipulation, and YouTube, writers will have a chance to apply their creative skills in new and exciting ways. You’ll be participating in something that does not have firm walls and will evolve during the course. Flexibility with concepts and a go with the flow attitude, while not mandatory, will certainly help. Group is limited to 5 participants and will begin in June of 2022.

Ben LeRoy has long been fascinated by the power of words and story to connect and expand the world. He was the founder and publisher of the critically acclaimed publishing companies Bleak House Books (2000-2009) and Tyrus Books (2009-2017) until the latter was sold to Simon & Schuster. During his time in publishing, Ben was a frequent speaker at conferences and routinely interviewed for pieces about the industry. In 2014, after the suicide death of a friend, Ben did volunteer work in all 50 states as part of the Be Local Everywhere project. He serves on the board of Common Wealth Development and Wrath-Bearing Tree.

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