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Memoir Writing

Instructor: Sara J. Henry

We’re calling this memoir, but it could also include nonfiction that’s based on your personal expertise/experience, which you may not think of as memoir. Everyone in this group will be telling their personal story in one way or another, so we’ll be particularly cognizant that we’re in a way critiquing people’s life experiences. As in other groups, everyone will be asked to submit up to 2,500 words from their manuscript monthly, and everyone will read and be ready to offer comments at the meeting.

Sara J. Henry is the author of Learning to Swim (2011) and A Cold and Lonely Place (2013), both from Crown. Her novels have won the Anthony Award, Agatha Award, Mary Higgins Clark Award, and Silver Falchion Award. Both novels were Target picks and A Cold and Lonely Place has appeared in Readers Digest Select Editions in multiple countries. Swim and A Cold and Lonely Place, and edits non-fiction as well as novels.

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