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Crime Novel Writing

Instructor: Ted Flanagan

For my money, there is no better critique of modern society, both in America and abroad, than the noir or crime novel (and for this group, we will use those terms interchangeably). The masters of the form offer highly entertaining plots and stories, deep characterization, and a lens through which to see our world as it is, and hint at what it could be. British ex-patriot crime novelist David Peace has called the crime novel the great sociological novels of our age. If you’ve got a crime or noir novel started, finished and in need of revision, or simply have an idea kicking around in your head, you’re welcome in this class. Participants will send in a chapter or chapters (maximum 2,500 words each round). The group will read the chapters in advance of our monthly meeting, and each at each session everyone’s pages will receive comments and constructive criticism from each member of the workshop.

Ted Flanagan lives and writers in central Massachusetts where he lives with his wife and three children (and a yellow lab named Daisy). His novel Every Hidden Thing was published by Crooked Lane Books, and his short fiction has appeared in Mystery Tribune, Shotgun Honey, Assignment, and Akashic Book’s Mondays Are Murder series, among others. A former journalist, Ted’s nonfiction has appeared in various outlets, to include the Boston Globe and Cognoscenti, the thought and opinion site of Boston NPR affiliate WBUR. Ted holds a BA in English from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, and an MFA in Writing from the Mountainview MFA program. In addition to his writing, Ted served as a Recon Marine and continues to work as a paramedic.

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