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Writers' groups

We offer limited enrollment online writers’ groups led by published authors and publishing professionals, at no charge. Groups focus on different genres, writer experience, feedback preferences, and schedules.

For information about currently available groups, click here.

pop-up writers' conferences

Stuck far away from your nearest writing conference? Cost of travel prohibitive? If you can put together a group of ten or more people, have a couch or two for us to crash on, and are able to order a pizza, there’s a good chance we can get to you in one form or another.

We want to come to your town to learn about your stories and your community. Cost of participation? We’ll need you to join us doing volunteer work in your hometown. Interested? Send an email to to let us know.

Ask a Question

We recognize that this field is filled with questions and we believe in the importance of sharing information.

You can submit your questions here and we’ll do our best to answer in a blog post, on a podcast episode, or a video. Send an email to with QUESTION in the subject line.

community in action

THESE ORGANIZATIONS INSPIRE US WITH THE WORK THEY ARE DOING. Direct donations to any of these organizations can reduce your bill up to 10%.