You've got a story to tell.

We're here to help you tell it.

Our editors, writers, and coaches are here to help you write your book, prepare your proposal, refine your query letter, develop your podcast, or whatever else your story needs to take shape. Editing and writing services for everybody.

We assembled Collaborist with a few goals in mind.

We are editors, ghost writers, and coaches working with writers at all stages of their journey.

Our clients include first time and established novelists and self-published authors. We also work with CEOs, change agents, doctors, athletes and other folks looking to tell a story and elevate a message. Before working together, we have clear conversations to make sure that we understand a client’s goals and feel comfortable helping to tell the story.

In addition to the editing and writing services we provide for hire, we also offer a variety of free resources like writers’ groups led by published authors and publishing industry veterans and pop-up writers’ conferences in communities that wouldn’t normally have access to them.

Collaborcast is a podcast for writers and storytellers at all stages of the journey. We talk the craft of writing, provide insight into the mysterious world of the publishing industry, and examine the importance of storytelling as a community building block. Hosted by publishing industry veteran Ben LeRoy and critically acclaimed author Jason Buchholz.


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the collaborist team

Jason buchholz


Ben LeRoy


Jason Buchholz’s acclaimed debut novel, A Paper Son, was published by Tyrus Books in 2016. He has ghostwritten books and book proposals for a variety of authors and as an editor he has fostered the development of dozens of manuscripts, both in fiction and nonfiction. He has also worked as a journalist and a travel writer. A current nonfiction project has him hiking and kayaking deep into the quiet landscapes of the many wilderness areas of Northern California, where he lives. When he’s not writing or reading he spends his time playing and traveling with his son and daughter. Jason graduated from UC Berkeley and holds an MFA from the University of San Francisco.

Ben LeRoy has long been fascinated by the power of words and story to connect and expand the world. He was the founder and publisher of the critically acclaimed publishing companies Bleak House Books (2000-2009) and Tyrus Books (2009-2017) until the latter was sold to Simon & Schuster. During his time in publishing, Ben was a frequent speaker at conferences and routinely interviewed for pieces about the industry. In 2014, after the suicide death of a friend, Ben did volunteer work in all 50 states as part of the Be Local Everywhere project.