We use our combined skill sets to provide the best support to writers and creatives that we can. What that means for you is that instead of getting one editor, you get multiple sets of eyes on your book so that you get A+ feedback on all aspects of your project. There isn’t any extra cost. What kind of services do we offer?

manuscript evaluation

Our manuscript evaluations are similar to developmental edits, described above, but focus on the core elements of your project. Every manuscript is different, so we’ll select the most pressing topics and provide you with feedback and guidance for your revision. This service includes:

  • A full read of your manuscript
  • A three- to five-page editorial letter discussing the core elements of the book (plot, pacing, narrative arcs, characters, etc.)
  • A lightly marked up manuscript to point out repeated writing issues.
  • A one-hour phone call to discuss your project.

Price: $1950 up to 100k

developmental edit

If you’re looking for comprehensive developmental feedback on a completed manuscript, whether fiction or nonfiction, this is the service for you. Also called a “content editing” or “structural editing,” a developmental edit places your work in the hands of a storytelling expert, who will analyze your work and report back to you on overarching issues such as structure, length, pace, voice, and a variety of other storytelling elements. In the case of fiction we’ll cover plot, characters and character arcs, tension, description, dialogue, etc. We’ll tell you what’s working and where you have opportunities to make edits and we’ll roll up our sleeves and workshop different approaches you’re considering for your subsequent revision. This service includes:

  • A full read of your manuscript
  • A six-page (or more) editorial letter
  • A fully marked-up manuscript as needed
  • Two one-hour phone calls to discuss your project.

Price: $3950 – up to 100k

line edit

If you’ve got your content right where you want it and would like to make sure that your prose is ready for a public audience, a line edit is the next step for you. We’ll polish your sentences, tracking all of our changes, making adjustments for grammar, syntax, rhythm, sentence structure, usage, and so on. This service includes:

  •   A fully edited manuscript
  •   Marginal notes to point out ambiguities or ask questions
  •   A half-hour phone call to discuss your project

Price: rates vary based on length

Submission review

You’ve done all the hard work, and now you’re ready to send your manuscript to agents or publishers. You only get one shot at this, so if you want to make sure you’re putting your best effort forward, consider a submission review. We’ll go over your materials with you to make sure they’re as professional as they can be. This service includes:

  •   A marked-up review of your query letter, with suggestions for revisions
  •   A marked-up review your synopsis, with suggestions for revisions
  •   A full read and mark-up of the opening 5k words of your manuscript
  • A 30-minute phone call

Price: – $575

Query letter review

First impressions are everything, and your query letter is your introduction to an agent or a publisher. Adhering to best practices here will determine whether your submission goes in the digital dustbin or opens the door for an agent to plunge into your manuscript. With this service, we’ll read your query letter and mark it up, providing you with advice on your tone, content, and structure. This service includes:

  •   Feedback and suggestions on your query letter
  •   A 15-minute phone call to discuss

Price: – $185

Query letter review (on podcast)

Occasionally, we include discussions of query letters on our podcast and our YouTube channel. If you’re willing to submit your query letter for some gentle public scrutiny, there’s a chance we’ll review it for no charge. (We have a limited number of slots, so we can’t make any promises here.) Please attach your letter here, with “Query Letter for Podcast” in the subject line. If you’d like us to omit your name, book title, or any other identifying details, just let us know.

Collaborative Writing

Some authors have a need for a more hands-on approach. With our collaborative writing services, we take on the responsibility of producing and polishing the manuscript for you, based on content you provide, whether through conversations, recordings, notes, course curricula, or some other format. Our work in this case could take the form of ghostwriting, when we write from scratch, or manuscript doctoring, when we re-write an existing draft. Some projects are a combination of the two. Our collaborative writing services include support with the development and refinement of your outline when needed.

Price – Please contact us for a custom quote.

Book proposal support

Do you have aspirations for a book contract for a nonfiction project? A book proposal is the place to start. We can help you develop and write it, and we can provide developmental and line editing once it’s complete so you can submit with confidence. Ghostwriting and proposal doctoring are also available.

Price – Please contact us for a custom quote.

Book coaching

Are you working to develop an idea for a manuscript, or finding yourself mired in a first draft that isn’t cooperating with you? Book coaching helps you get organized and moving toward the finish line.


Phase I: Ideation

If you’re in the brainstorming phases we’ll jump into the fray with you, bringing our storytelling and industry expertise to help you shape your ideas and produce an outline for a book-length manuscript. Includes: four one-hour phone calls, with 5k words of content review prior to each call so we can review notes, preliminary outline drafts, or other materials. Expect homework between calls!

 Price – $795


Phase II: Drafting

Once your outline is fully developed and you’re ready to start your first draft, we don’t abandon you in the deep end. Drafting coaching provides you with a collaborator to review and discuss your work as your produce it, guiding you along with feedback on your developing manuscript and helping you plan for the next section. $295 gets you 10k words of review and a one-hour discussion—we’ll repeat the process until you’re the proud owner of a complete draft.